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People who are planning to visit banks will have to postpone it as banks across the country will remain closed due to holidays and the end of the financial year.

The banks will be operational on March 31 and April 3. According to the calendar released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), on April 1, the banks will be shut to close their yearly accounts.

On April 2, banks will be closed on account of Good Friday. However, the holiday is not observed by some states, which is why this may vary from one state to another.

April 2 will be a holiday on account of Good Friday while the services will be affected on April 4, as it is a Sunday.

Here is the list of holidays you need to note before scheduling any bank-related work:

April 1: Bank will be shut to close yearly accounts

April 2: Good Friday. Banks are likely to be open in some states.

April 3: Saturday (Working Day)

April 4: Sunday

Because of the holidays, bank customers will not be able to withdraw and deposit money at the bank branches. However, customers can note that ATMs, mobile banking, and online banking services will be available during these days.