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Cape Ice Cream Shop Owner Raises $40,000 For Harassed Employee

A teenage ice cream shop employee who quit her job after withstanding verbal assaults from customers amid the new coronavirus pandemic got some help from her former boss and the

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Deshaun Watson said before the 2017 draft that he talked to the Bears

Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson raised plenty of eyebrows on Friday when he tweeted, “The Bears NEVER ONCE talked to me” before the 2017 NFL draft. But that’s not what Watson

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Experience: I found a stranger in my front room

It was early on a Monday morning, about 5.30am, and I’d got up to use the toilet. Afterwards, I nipped into the kitchen to get a drink. As I stood

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Amazon updates Fire HD 8 tablet with faster processor and more storage

Amazon on Wednesday refreshed its Fire tablet line with faster hardware, more storage and better battery support. Collectively, the upgrades are modest in nature but at this price point, you

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Man donates iPads to help elderly connect with families

Due to social distancing requirements, most hospitals and health care facilities are restricting visitors at this time. While this measure helps prevent the spread of coronavirus, it has lead to

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